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The BSRS was established in 1993 under the initial name of the BEKLS (British Excimer Laser and Keratorefractive Laser Society).

It provided ophthalmologists, optometrists and other allied health professionals a forum to discuss information on the latest advances in treatment and technology.

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The 90s saw rapid advancements in treatments and technologies and as a result members were balloted to expand the scope of the society.

In 1998 the British Society For Refractive Surgery was formed to take the place of the BEKLS , giving members an open forum to discuss all aspects of refractive surgery.

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Today, we are the only UK Society that invites any professional who is involved in Refractive surgery to join. Members from across the country meet annually to share and learn about the latest developments and best practice in our areas of expertise.

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Membership is open to all professionals involved with or wishing to learn more about refractive surgery.


A unique opportunity to learn about new advancements and best practice with specialists from around the globe.

Our Story

Established in 1993, the Society has provided a forum to members to discuss the many significant advancements of our time.